Who is Byron Gore?

"Byron Gore is a special talent. great music, great voice. Somewhat of a savior to our musical community" Shane Gibson (Korn. Stork, Schwarzenator)

Welsh singer/songwriter Byron Gore has been an avid guitarist and singer since his very early years. Born in Wales, but spending the best part of his childhood in Surrey, England, Byron was always creative both musically and artistically. He first picked up the guitar at age 8. Although his teacher said he was a natural, he quickley gave it up again after his fingers started hurting. When he was 13 years old and a childhood friend visited him bringing along his brand new Les Paul guitar, Byron was again influenced to pick up the trusty old six string. Byron quickly became popular amongst his friends as he easily learned all the popular songs of the times from bands such as Nirvana, GnR, Metallica, Slayer, Poison, etc... Byron later went on to gradute and become a music support teacher at the world renowned Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford.

Doctors told him 'You'll never be able to sing again"

A week after graduating Byron was rushed into the Royal Surrey County Hospital with a life threatening lung rupture. After many hours in Casualty and a few blood transfusions, Byron was taken to St. Georges hospital in Tooting, London to undergo surgery. Byron spent 2 weeks recovering in a hospital bed, with the American Goth/Rock band 'Godhead' playing on his personal CD player to drown out the sounds of the hospital ward. The music had a big influence on Byron and he was soon back on his feet. Although the doctors informed Byron that he would "never be able to sing again," he strived to prove them wrong. Byron worked hard on his vocals and exercised his lungs back into shape. In fact, he worked them so hard they became better than ever before! - Minus half a lung. Byron now lives in Los Angeles and is a regular performer at many of Hollywood's big venues. He has worked and performed with an array of up-n-comers and well-known singers. He even performed and recorded with Godhead's front man Jason Charles MIller- the very voice that kept him sane all those years ago in his hospital bed. Byron is now on his way to becoming a very successful singer/songwriter. If you have ever been to one of Byron's live shows you will know that he loves his audience and always gets them involved in his music. Byron has so many influences in his life that his music is in a genre of its own. And he likes to call that genre "Rolk," an infusion of Rock and Folk music spliced with a little country.

And now...with his new singing partner, Jessica Ann Kelley, their audiences are treated to something even more exceptional. Check out Byron's new song with Jessica Ann Kelley, Picket Fence and Lemon Tree. You can also see their most recent show in its entirety by clicking here!


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